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TWINS TALENT is a unique company with a long track record of success in CASTING REAL PEOPLE. As a casting company, we specialize in supplying REAL PEOPLE for unscripted and documentary programming as well as research projects.

Our REAL PEOPLE casting services extends to Reality Television, Human Interest Segments, and Documentaries for a targeted group of real people. Whether you need to find a large group of REAL PEOPLE from a specific niche market or demographic, or just that one person, TWINS TALENT finds the REAL PEOPLE you're looking for!

TWINS TALENT ALSO specializes in supplying TWINS, TRIPLETS, QUADRUPLETS AND QUINTUPLETS for Reality TV, research & medical studies, and "Real People" campaigns. The TWINS and MULTIPLES range from newborns to 95 years old - Fraternal & Identical. With access to over 100,000 TWINS and MULTIPLES in our data base, we have what you need.

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