The producers of Kitchen Nightmares & Celebrity Fit Club
bring you a NEW Weight Loss TV Docu-Series
which will document the lives of OVERWEIGHT Men & Women
who work in all aspects of the Food Industry!
We will be changing lives for the better!


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New Weight Loss TV Series

Executive Chefs, Restaurateurs, Wait Staff, Sous Chefs, Line Cooks, Prep Cooks, Tournants,
Maitre d's, Restaurant Critics, Sommeliers, Food Distributers, Butchers, Pastry Chefs, Fishermen, Cookbook Authors, Food Bloggers, Grocers, Food Testers, Food Truck Owners, Food Factory workers, Cafeteria workers, Culinary Instructors & more!

Do you work in the food industry & constantly battle with being overweight?
Could your job in the food industry be killing you or putting your health at risk? Perhaps you struggle with other food-related health issues - diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol & more.
If you are at least 75 pounds overweight and answered yes to any of the above, we want to help you become a healthier person starting today!

We will follow the personal & professional lives of these individuals & showcase their transformation into healthier, thinner people.
If you are 75+ POUNDS OVERWEIGHT or potentially unhealthy & have a job in the food industry, this is your chance to turn your life around! Participants will be provided with top trainers, top nutritionists & top medical professionals for 17 weeks to get their health & their LIVES back on track & finally achieve their weight loss goals.

To Audition:

1) Send us your full name, occupation, age, contact number, height, weight, location & marital status.
Send us at least two photos: one full length & one close up smiling photo.
In 300 words or less, please tell us your story & why you think you neglected your weight & health.
Do not forget to mention what losing the weight would mean to you and how many pounds you need to lose.
(You must be a legal resident & 18+ yrs of age to apply.)


2) Fill out this APPLICATION (word doc), save it, and e-mail it back to us:
(this is the preferred method)

or print out this PDF VERSION, fill it out, scan it and Fax it back: 413-294-2000